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Dear Fans of Oberon,

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He’s a honey!
DATE: Monday, August 4th, 2014
TIME : 5:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
( 6:30 PM Mountain, 7:30 PM Central,
8:30 PM Eastern ) See all of the rules here:

Earring, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring & Hair Clip
Your purchase aids dwindling honey bees!
*Please Note: Many of us at Oberon Design are gardeners. We’re very concerned about pollination & dwindling bee populations. Therefore, a hefty percentage of our new Honey Bee jewelry and hair clip collection will be donated to the UC Urban Bee Lab programs dealing with research and community outreach and to the upkeep of their beautiful bee research garden. Thanks for contributing to this effort with your purchase. Becca & Brendan


We’re offering two sale opportunities for Back to School!


Also, a sale for all those fans of the discontinued felt patch-style Kindle, iPad & Nook covers. Buy one of these selected covers at a bargain 30% off.

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Today is MARCEL MONDAY! WIN A $50 Gift Certificate!
Marcel loves the warm summer. Here is the picture you have to find on the site.
DATE: Monday, July 7th
TIME : 5:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
( 6:30 PM Mountain, 7:30 PM Central,
8:30 PM Eastern ) See all of the rules here:

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Books and Recommended Reading….

I am always excited when I hear that one of my favorite authors has a new book out. Francisco Goldman, is only “top ten” authors because of his books “The Divine Husband” ( my favorite! ), “The Ordinary Seaman” and “The Long Night of White Chickens”

I discovered him because one of my very favorite films, “Hombres Armados” directed by John Sayles, was very loosely based on “The Long Night of White Chickens”. Then I found “The Divine Husband” and I became excited to read everything he had written. He also has written a non-fiction tale called “The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop?”, the story of the death of Bishop Juan Gerardi, Guatemala’s leading human rights activist. He also has a great but heartbreaking novel, “Say Her Name”, about the death of his wife in Mexico.

Now I have a new one to look forward to:

"The Interior Circuit: A Mexico City Chronicle", Goldman’s exploration and celebration of present-day Mexico City.
 I hope that you find one of these suggestions interesting. I Just finished “Bel Canto” on my kindle. Any recommendations?

Archive special from Catalog #3: Rodeo Cowboy in Saddle & Old Boots in Teal. Available on Large Journal, Small Journal and Large Moleskine through July 7th. Avail. for custom combinations. Click here: http://oberondesign.com/journal-covers/archive-specials.html

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We can register, as our grandparents and great grandparents before us did, weather conditions, growth patterns, successful garden design, pest problems, bountiful crops of food and flowers and that once in a century hail storm in July. Recording our successes and failures in the garden brings consistency to our lives in a special way. It grounds our busy minds and ties us to the planet and its cycles of forgotten nature. Read More….http://oberondesign.com/garden/


Moleskine sells a gardening journal that fits right into our covers:


See all of the cover choices here: http://oberondesign.com/journal-covers/moleskine.html


Have you been taking time to observe the night sky this summer?
Read about French astronomer Camille Flammarion and his connection
to the Roof of Heaven image.

Camille Flammarion (26 February 1842 – 3 June 1925) was a French astronomer that maintained a private observatory and authored over fifty books. It is therefore appropriate that he was also the founder of Groupe Flammarion publishing house, publishing books on astronomy, spiritualism, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. He also wrote popular science fiction novels and published an astronomy magazine, L’Astronmie. It was in this magazine that, what has come to be known as, ‘The Flammarion Engraving’ first appeared. The engraving has never had an attribution to any artist. However, scholars speculate that, Flammarion, apprenticed to an engraver as a young boy of twelve, was probably the created the image himself, influenced by illustrations in Sebastian Munster’s 1544 book Cosmographia.

Flammarion was influenced by the great thinkers and social movements of his period, Darwin, Lamarck, spiritualism, and new thoughts on biology, anthropology and archeology. He has been defined as astronomer, mystic and storyteller who was fascinated with the possibility of life after death and the existence of other worlds.

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Archive Special: The Moon
First Introduced in Catalog 5
Single Panel image available through June 30th on:
Large Journals, Small Journals and Large Moleskines in Navy


New from Oberon Design!

Adjustable, hand cast women’s rings from Oberon Design


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You spoke, we listened. By a ratio of two to one, our customers preferred not to have a felt patch on their inside tablet or eReader cover. The no-felt improvement will begin after 12 p.m. noon today ( June 10) PDT time. After this date covers will be made without felt unless specifically requested by email WHILE OUR FELT SUPPLIES LAST. (December 2014?) We have also made strap fit upgrades to eReader covers which can be viewed on Kindle & Nook pages when the website upgrade is complete. Thank you all for your participation!


A great review of our new Samsung Galaxy phone case!