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Oberon Design is a small, family run company passionate about customer service and the quality of leather and pewter products made in our studio shop in Santa Rosa, CA.
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We have added a new image to the iPhone cases today: Rococo!


We want all of our customers to know that we have thoroughly tested our security at OberonDesign.com and have passed with flying colors! Our web site was unaffected by this bug.

There are a few sites where you can test for vulnerability, This is a good one:https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/
Oberon’s report:  “This server is not vulnerable to the heartbleed attack”

Another test site: https://filippo.io/Heartbleed/
Our report: ” All good, oberondesign.com seems fixed or unaffected!”

We recommend checking here for affected sites and changing your passwords: http://mashable.com/2014/04/09/heartbleed-bug-websites-affected/

Our latest newsletter is out!

This test image of Titania, Queen of Faery, offered in teal, was created for a special project. Luckily, the plate we created fits our composition notebook perfectly. http://oberondesign.com/journal-covers/archive-specials.html

There are many scholarly contradictions about the origin of faery’s. Mythologists believe they were originally worshiped as minor deities or goddesses, such as nymphs or tree spirits. Folklorists put forth the theory that fairies, much like ghosts or spirits, live in an underworld or otherworld. Consorting with or eating the food of fairies was thought to be dangerous as one could be entranced or drugged and led to the land of Faery. One might never return or return unchanged to find all loved ones dead with the passage of time.

Religious interpretation usually explains fairies as demoted or fallen angels. Many ancient cultures, including the Celts, viewed fairies and other magical beings as a hidden race of tiny people driven into hiding by a mass invasion of humans. In his play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare created the characters of Titania, Queen of the Fairies and her husband Oberon.

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Our Archive Specials this month have Mother’s Day in mind!
Tea Rose: A single panel image offered on in red and teal on
Large & Small Journals and Large Moleskine Covers.
The first hybrid tea rose, the ‘La France’ was created in France in 1867.
However, hybrid tea’s didn’t become popular until the 1900’s with the
first market introduction being a gorgeous yellow rose with a pink blush
called, ‘Soleil d’Or’.

New Survey: Favorite Books?

At Oberon we have several avid readers on the staff. We are going to start writing book reviews periodically on our blog and on Google+.

What are your top 5 books ever? Can you narrow it down to such a small number?

Take our poll here:http://oberondesign.com/poll-images

We added two new images to the leather iPhone cases today!

Check ‘em out!


Personalize your iPhone in the  Oberon style!

We’ve come up with a leather clad precision made, hard rubber case with amazing fit, finish and hand feel. Check out the classy inset leather side panels and clear access to all ports and controls. We’ve gone to the trouble of modifying each case by hand to give better access for non-Apple chargers. Slim and light, while offering real protection, this is an all-around great case you will be proud to own.



Archive Specials: Breaching Whale and Yin Yang Dolphin
Colors: Sky Blue & Teal
Available through March 30th 2014
Available on Large Journal, Small Journal and Large Moleskine covers
Go to our new page for Archive Specials: find it under Journals on the Nav Bar


Test your literary references! What novel from 1851 references these names and phrases: Call me Ishmael, The Pequod, Starbuck, Qeequeg? Not Great Whites but Gray whales are now migrating along the California coast. As always, it a thrilling sight to see. How many of you have ever been close to a live whale in open sea?

We’ve got a new video on YouTube!

Watch as Brendan abuses the nylon fabric that is used in the lining of our handbags, messenger bags, and other products. This video includes a stress test, and a demonstration of potential staining materials such as ink and chocolate.


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We have a new color - Teal, and the first new image of 2014.

Our new teal color is available now on a lot of our products. Of the twelve images available in teal, we especially like the Hokusai Wave, Paisley and Cloud Dragon.

The new image is called “Mariposas” (“butterflies” in Spanish) and is available now on large and small journals in Teal, Wine & Orchid. Let us know how you like it and what other covers we might make with this image.


As we approach 10,000 Facebook friends we’re celebrating by giving away $80 gift certificates to randomly chosen members of the Oberon Dispatch email list. Ten gift certificates will go to both existing and new subscribers.

Winners will be announced on Marcel Monday, March 3rd.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: http://oberondesign.com/contact/newsletter.html

Sky Blue will continue to be offered throughout 2014. We will continue to
assess its popularity now that we have introduced teal to our line. For those
of you that love the color, hurrah, and for those that wondered why we didn’t include Roof of Heaven, etc in the teal image choices, we feel Sky Blue is an extremely popular choice ( and in the case of ROH saddle and marigold as well) for some images and ….though inconsistency of color is a challenge with Sky Blue, the old adage says, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
Thanks everyone! Becca